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Heavy Duty Steel Grating

Heavy-Duty uses thicker (1/4", 5/16", 3/8") and deeper bearing bars. Although the tables show bars as deep as 6", deeper grating can be custom fabricated on request. Heavy-Duty is used for airfields, highways, industrial floors, ramps, docks, reinforced concrete areas and specialty applications. 

Heavy-Duty Welded Grating has the strength for heavy-duty load areas such as airfields, highways, industrial plants, truck and bus terminals, parking lots and railroad yards. Common uses are flooring, driveways, subway and tunnel ventilation grilles, curb inlet grates, ramps, docks, etc.

It is a sturdy grating to carry loads and maintain the same level over many years of use. Whenever rolling wheel loads are to be used over the grating, we recommend that the grating be load banded to add lateral strength. Serrations are available on bars up to 3/8" thick to provide additional traction for rolling loads.

Standard heavy-duty bar grating is resistance-welded for durability, strength and safety using an automated electric/hydraulic welding process. High temperatures, combined with high pressure, fuse the bearing bars and cross bars together to form a permanent joint.

Also, AMICO is one of the few manufacturers that has the capability of providing you with those "really big" grates. Our heavy-duty fabrication department regularly custom fabricates grating to meet specific project requirements. Virtually any bar size and depth can be made to order.





Cross Rods 4" C/C

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Cross Rods 4" C/C

Cross Rods 2" C/C





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